Scrappin' Tribe

The Big Fat Scrappin’ Tribe!

Hello everyone..

Today is a very special day!!!

I am thrilled to  introduce these lovely women to be a part of My Happy Packs.

These Ladies are talented, enthusiastic and extremely creative!

Some of them, just like me, had given up on crafting and had forgotten their craft tables for a while (years.. to be exact), and I am happy that My Happy Packs will act as a rejuvenating factor for them as well as me…:-)

Crafters Team final

Welcome aboard Sonali Agrawal, Vidhi Jadeja, Monika Tripathi, Puja, Megha Thakar, Husna Parveen and Nithila Anandan!

Cant wait to see what you guys make with your blessed hands and cant thank you enough for readily being a part of My Happy Packs!!

Much love,


1 thought on “The Big Fat Scrappin’ Tribe!”

  1. Congratulations Sweeties!! I am so impressed with all of you!! It would be great fun to with this an awesome team. Looking forward to get inspired by all my lovelies!!

    Thanks so much Dear Nabeela and My Happy Packs, for giving such an amazing opportunity to work with you.

    Dr Monika Tripathi Shukla


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